How to Financially Survive Pregnancy: Know Which Baby Items You’ll Need


Comprehensive list of baby items for first time mothers

If you are a first time mother (like me) and had never changed a diaper prior to your bundle of joy’s arrival (like me), then you probably also have no idea what to answer when friends and family keep asking ad nauseam, “What do you need?”


So, to make your life a little easier, here is a comprehensive list of everything that I have in my cupboards. 


This article is presented for general information purposes only.  None of the following is intended as legal, financial, or specifically relevant to this article, medical advice.   As such, I take no responsibility for how you decide to use the information.

I have no financial or personal incentive to recommend one brand or product above another.  At this point in time I have no affiliation to any of the companies or any of their competitors, except as a bona fide customer on terms available to everyone else.

This article is currently in draft format, based on the original article posted by me on another site of mine.


For easy reference, I have divided this post into the following sections:

  1. Changing;
  2. Bath Rituals and Hygiene;
  3. Feeding;
  4. First Aid
  5. Mobility and Safety Equipment;
  6. Furniture and Fittings;
  7. Clothing and Materials;
  8. Mommy Essentials for a Semi-Comfortable Pregnancy;
  9. Luxuries / Non-Essential Items.

Toy products and baby-proofing will be addressed in separate posts.


Disposable Nappies

Pampers Premium Care Value Boxes
Pampers Premium Care Value Boxes

Review of Diaper Brands

My preferred brand:  Pampers Premium Care

Quantity needed:  I bought approximately three boxes of 120 (nr. 3) every two months.

Personal experiences:

I have found one or two dud boxes.

In general the diapers are very absorbent and they have never seemed to cause nappy rash on my daughter, although the edges have caused chafe marks upon occasion. 

Pampers is a bit optimistic with regards to the upper weight limit that they suggest for each diaper size, so consider getting the next side when baby gets to about 2kg below their upper weight limit.


Other Brands I tried:

Huggies (Newborn), Bumpies Premium (Newborn), Pick and Pay brand (Newborn)

What I did with the other brands: 

Huggies:  I finished the pack.  I quite liked them.

Bumpies Premium:  I finished the pack.  I quite liked the brand, but their distribution appears to be poor, so they were difficult to find in shops.

Pick and Pay Brand:  My mom and I gave them to a friend’s seven year old to use on her dolls because they were not breathable, which caused horrible nappy rash after only two or three diapers (which were changed regularly).

Wet Wipe Brand Reviews

My preferred brand:  Pampers Sensitive

Quantity needed:  We buy a six-unit economy pack about once every two months.  When you are still getting used to the diaper routine, it is likely that you could use more.

Personal experiences:  They are not heavily fragranced and keeps well if re-sealed properly.


Other brands I tried:

Huggies, Bumpies

What I did with the other brands:  I finished the packs.

Wet Wipes

Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes
Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes Value Pack

Bum Cream


Fissan Bum Cream
Fissan Bum Cream

Reviews of Bum Cream Brands

My preferred brand:  Fissan

Quantity needed:  I use approximately one 250 g tub every two months.

Personal experiences:  I found it highly effective in preventing nappy rash.


Other brands I tried:

Elizabeth Anne

What I did with the other brands:  What is left of the tub is still in baby’s travel bag.

Reviews of Nappy Bag Brands

My preferred brand:  Dischem

Quantity needed:  I buy a box of 120 approximately once every three months (I just use them for poop diapers, urine diapers go straight in the trash).

Personal experiences:  They are useful, sizeable (can take up to six diapers), tie easily and they don’t seem to tear.


Other brands I tried:



What I did with the other brands:  Loved them because they are scented, but they come in smaller packs and are not quite as economical, so I stopped buying them.

Nappy Bags


Dischem Nappy Bags
Dischem Nappy Bags

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